It is hard to resist the siren song of a grand adventure game, and LINE Games Corporation are singing it loud with the announcement of the upcoming sailing sandbox RPG Uncharted Waters Origin.

Developed alongside Koei Tecmo Games, Uncharted Waters is an RPG that sees players striking out into the waters of 1522, with the European countries all battling it out for sea supremacy. From the English fleet trying to make a name for itself, to the Spanish Armada already staking its indomitable claim, you will wade into contested waters to enjoy trade, adventure, and even nautical battles.

One of the big draws of Uncharted Waters is the developers' use of real-world data to really make the sailing as immersive as possible. The game uses data from wind speed and direction, currents and waves to simulate the high seas accurately as you sail around seeking adventure. You will be accompanied by over 100 fully orchestrated tracks, including those composed by anime royalty Yoko Kanno. It is no wonder that Origin won the Best Scenario and Sound award at the 2022 Korea Game Awards, amongst three other no less, with that pedigree behind it.

If you like what you have seen and heard then you should definitely pre-order the game to ensure you get yourself some early spoils. There is a pre-registration campaign running until February 20th offering quite a few useful items such as some shiny Espadachin's Armor at 300K users, a Golden Hansa Cog ship at 700k, and the almighty Amateur Admiral Chest if the 1 million threshold is cracked.

At the time of writing, Android users can pre-order directly from Google Play, however, the App Store page hasn’t been released yet, so iOS players will instead have to preorder Uncharted Water Origin from the official website.

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