If you’ve been feeling like you have mastered New State Mobile and win every game you enter without trying, then prepare yourselves because the times are changing in a big way. Krafton has announced a raft of changes in its January Update that will overhaul the meta and make New State a little more competitive, at least until a new meta is inevitably established.

To start with, Krafton has made a host of balancing changes to weapons based on player feedback. The long-range damage of the SMGs, ARs and LMGs has been decreased in a bid to encourage the use of guns that have proven unpopular in the past, It is a change that makes sense, given how SMGs in particular are more mid to close-range.

Vehicles have also been revamped to more accurately portray the type they are. The Vrion, Electron and UAZ all have improved durability, whilst sedans will have increased speed, a nice little choice between defence and evasion. Motorbikes also have increased stability to boost handling, so expect a lot more stunt riders flying about. Finally, the Drone Store’s cooldown is decreased whilst its delivery speed is increased, with item prices also being adjusted, allowing players the opportunity access to a wider array of arsenals for a variety of situational engagements.

In some slightly less world-altering news, you can now enjoy TDM in ARENA modes, previously only allowed in Round Deathmatch. The team with 30 elimination first will win the TDM, with players respawning close to their base upon elimination. Be warned that the care packages won’t appear in TDM, so don't crowd the centre like a sitting duck. The Lab content, Siege Mode, has received a few new pattern changes as well as having its rankings reset. Finally, The Shooting Gallery has also had a few tweaks for user comfort.

New State Mobile is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play, just in time to start the new Survivor Pass, centring on the new Dream Runner, Keeper.

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