Northgard Mobile welcomes its newest clan on January 31st, alongside the introduction of a new mechanic. The Clan of the Squirrel is a fun-loving bunch who spend their time cooking and gathering ingredients, in the name of Ratatoskr.

The Clan of the Squirrel is led by their warchef Andhrimnir, and that is not a typo. Andhrimnir is known for his fearless and authoritative demeanour, both on the battlefield and in the kitchen, making him the dreaded Warchef, which seems fairly fitting for a clan named after the fluffy, innocent Squirrel.

Despite the dangerous life, the member of this clan is a fairly laid-back people, preferring to live a playful life, content to just while away the time perfecting the art of cooking under the watchful eye of their totum Ratatoskr, the messenger squirrel who scurried up and down the world tree Yggdrasil, bringing messages from the eagles atop the tree to the serpent Niohoggr underneath the roots.

To further cement the clan's reputation for the culinary arts, a stove will replace the brewery mechanic for this group. By preparing a wide range of meals, you and your allies will receive massive bonuses. The clan also benefits from a 10% increase to Krowns, as well as one free war chief and reviving cooldown reduction.

Ratatoskr also brings with it a new relic straight from the world tree itself, Yggdrasil’s Root. Whilst granting you production bonuses, the relic also shows an unexpectedly darker side to the funloving clan, producing an Eldritch zone that causes enemies to start fighting themselves.

With their style of play, The Squirrel Clan seem suited to a slightly less offensive playstyle, instead relying on their allies to fight as they lend their support bonuses. They also bring with them their own specific Win Condition, Ratatoskr’s Glory, where you will need to master the new cooking mechanic to win. If you manage to make some key alliances and deter enemies with your relic, it seems like you pull off a fairly passive win.

The Clan of the Squirrel will launch on January 31st as a DLC costing $2.99, with the base game being available to download from the App Store and Google Play for $7.99.

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