Science has long warned us about the dangers of artificial intelligence and what could happen. However, when it is giving us some pretty interesting concepts like Toyforming Studios' enormous sandbox game Toyforming, I'm sure we can let SkyNet slide for another day.

Toyforming puts you in the shoes of the god of your own little planet and allows you to create almost anything you can come up with, as long as you can draw it. The game's nifty AI will take the pictures, convert them into three-dimensional form, and unleash them into your world. You can make animals, plants, vehicles, buildings and much more.

You will be able to save all your little creations into a catalogue for future use, and even have the option to toggle the world between night and day to see your creations from a new perspective. There is even the option to use your phone's AR camera to bring your planet into the real world.

One of the great things about Toyforming is that you don’t need to be the best artist in the world to bring your vision to life. If you need proof, check out the so-called camel in the trailer. If the AI can bring that to life, your stick figure family is just fine, it is truly a game that people of any skill and age can enjoy.

Toyforming Studios CEO, Kaz Sasaki, stressed as much in his comments, saying “Toyforming is universal game that anyone can pick up and enjoy. It appeals to adults and children alike since all that's needed is an active imagination and the sky’s the limit”.

“Toyforming’s gameplay also presents a visual way to learn new words. This gives it huge potential as a tool to teach new languages, so we are currently looking to add more language options in the future.”

If moulding your own planet sounds like fun, be sure to pre-order the game on App Store and Google Play for $7.99, which feels pretty cheap to own your own world.

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