Arknights is celebrating its third anniversary with the launch of its latest event. The Ideal City: Endless Carnival brings with it a story of great disaster, which you can attempt to avert with the help of four new operators.

Ideal City: Endless Carnival will last until February 10th, and follows the story of a Durin named Minimalist, who seeks the help of Tomimi and Rhodes Island to prevent the impending disaster of Zeruertza. Gavial and Eunectes heed the call, travelling the Zeruertza to help Minimalist through the crisis.

The event will let you claim the new 5 Star Caster Minimalist for free in the City Forum missions, with his token being on the event store to grab. Controlling a Drone to attack their enemies, using their first skill will increase attack and attack speed, whereas using the second will auto-trigger a dual attack to pump out some heavy damage. Nothing groundbreaking, but for a free character it works.

The other new 5 Star is a Vanguard named Cantabile. When deployed her skill is activated, with every attack generating 1 DP. Her second skill also increases her attack and attack speed, with the number of DP generated depending on her ammo counts. The 5 Stars do leave a lot to be desired, let’s be frank, however, the two new 6 Stars make up for it.

Gavial the Invincible is a Guard who is Medic Gavial’s Alternate Version that you can obtain through Great Axe and Pen Nib Headhunting, and you will want to. She can attack all enemies blocked at the same time, with her talent increasing her attack and defense based on how many are blocking, making her able to break through everyone's defense.

Pozemka on the other hand is a Sniper, who can deploy a Typewriter with the same skill as her, whilst also reducing the defense of the enemy it attacks. Her third skill increases her attack range whilst reducing her attack interval, giving her the chance to attack anyone she chooses, and when you unlock her ARC-Y module, she will ignore the target's Physical Dodge for some guaranteed damage every shot.

The story is bursting with new outfits from the Coral Coast series, including L2D outfits Colorful Wonderland CW02 for Surtr, Elysium’s Shimmering Dew SDm11 outfit, and Summer Flowers FA210 for La Pluma. If you missed any of the older outfits in the series, they too are on sale for a limited time.

Download Arknights now from the App Store and Google Play, and log in to receive a bunch of free anniversary gifts including a Poetry Headinhunting Permint and a Daily Free Roll.

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