Game development can take a while, with bugs, reworks and good old-fashioned arguments delaying things. However, the upcoming FMV game Of Two Minds may have the longest source material to game delay of all time, being a huge 30 years in the making.

Back in 1989, the founder of film-makers Burgeon and Flourish, Michael Bergmann, shot over three hours of footage, based on the story of two psychoanalysts and their love affair. Now, with the help of game designer and composer Lucas Tahiruzzaman Syed, gamers the world over will be able to take a crash course in psychoanalytics.

During the game, you will delve into the lives and motivations of eight people living their lives in 1980s New York. You will learn more about two people having an affair, their spouses, and even the analysts, one who has gone broke and one trapped in a loveless marriage, as you try and discover as many Memories as you can.

When you find a Memory, you will need to connect the topic and ideas, known as Themes, that appear in each video, giving you a hands-on exercise in psychoanalytics. When you complete these puzzles, you will unlock new videos and learn more about each character, all driven by your own logical reasoning in each situation. You will learn why both partners in a couple seek love elsewhere, why someone wants to leave safety to run a marathon in a totalitarian country, and even why a lost man chooses to ask a sheep for directions. In short, what makes a human, human?

When talking about the game's psychological nature, Micheal Bergmann said “If you think about what the characters do, and you learn and operate with the concepts that underpin psychoanalysis, you will get to understand these characters more deeply than you would ever expect — and what they do will make sense”

There is no concrete release date for Of Two Minds as of yet, only a ballpark figure of Q1 2023, and the game will only release on iOS. Whilst you wait, head over to the game's Instagram page to view a few clips to see what you will be getting into.

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