Despite the horrific blunder made during the naming of the series, Soccer Manager 2023 has been absolutely steaming ahead since its launch in September 2022. Developers Invincibles Studio has released some statistics for the current iteration, and they speak volumes about the quality of the game.

Soccer Manager 2023 gives players an incredibly in-depth hands-on approach to helming a whole football club. You have the opportunity to bolster your team out of over 25,000 officially licensed FIFPRO players using the game's dynamic live transfers system, or even create your own club from the ground up. During games you can do a lot to influence the game, from barking orders to your players, making key substitutions and changing tactics when called for.

Since launching in September 2022, SM 23 has clocked 4.47 million coming in its first 84 days, sitting at 5.5 as of this month, only slightly behind the 6.95 million downloads its previous iteration got during the whole year. Looking at the even deeper numbers, it took only 4 days to log 1 million users compared to 9 days for SM 22, 6 days to complete 1 million hours of gameplay in comparison to 10, and most impressively, it only took 6 hours for 1 million matches to be played as opposed to 13, less than half of last years’ which is pretty impressive.

The games numbers have no doubt been bolstered through the retention of Mikel Arteta as the game's Global Ambassador, given his acclaimed playmaking powers when he was on the pitch, and at the time of writing his current supernatural off-the-pitch success of keeping Arsenal clear at the top of the Premier League.

Invincibles Studio is clearly delighted to keep Arteta on board, with their Strategic partnerships manager, Keven Kirwan, saying “It has been a pleasure, as always, to deal with Mikel and the team around him. We are excited to work with him more closely in the coming months''.

Soccer Manager 2023 can be downloaded now from the App Store and Google Play.

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