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Ukraine to Vancouver: The Inspiring Journey of Acting Grad Masha Maslennikova

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Prepare to be inspired by the remarkable journey of Acting for Film & Television graduate Masha Maslennikova (@imarymad). After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Masha faced an uncertain future and made the courageous decision to move to Germany. However, it was a suggestion from her sister to come to Canada that transformed her distant dream into an amazing reality.

Turning Dreams into Reality with VanArts

With determination and hope, Masha applied to VanArts after seeing our ongoing support for Ukrainian students affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Despite her doubts, she was accepted and now resides in Vancouver, one of the most vibrant cities in the world, pursuing her acting dreams.

VanArts Continues to Support Ukrainian Refugees

Masha received a 25% scholarship through VanArts’ ongoing support of Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, further demonstrating the institution’s commitment to empowering individuals and fostering diversity within the creative community.

The Life-Changing Power of VanArts

Masha’s story serves as a testament to the life-changing power of VanArts. She encourages aspiring actors and artists to take the leap and enroll at VanArts, emphasizing that your dream career could be just an application away.

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